Listing steps

The next level - being a Latinex listed company

The decision to go public is of vital importance for any company, since it implies a strategic transformation that definitively affects the management, internal controls and transparency of the organization. By becoming a company listed on Latinex, you obtain various financing alternatives that allow you to lower your financial costs and improve your cash flows.

Application submission


Applicant submits the documents for the registration of securities to the SMV

Shared resources


SMV shares documentation with Latinex and Latinclear



Applicant proceeds with the payment of the procedure and sends the forms and agreements to be signed with Latinex and Latinclear



SMV and Latinex, jointly, coordinate the observations that will be sent to the applicant.

Sending observations


SMV sends the applicant, by email, a form that will contain the observations of SMV and Latinex.



Applicant sends responses to the SMV.

Answer Review


SMV and Latinex review the responses if there are reiterations, steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 are repeated.

Final documents


Applicant submits the initialized final documents to the SMV.



SMV notifies the applicant of the resolution. We proceed to finalize the process with Latinex and Latinclear

  1. Coordinate the structuring of the program with a financial/legal advisor
  2. Placement in the primary market and/or negotiation in the secondary market
  3. Obtain authorization from the Securities Market Superintendency
  4. Distribution of the prospectus and information supplement
  5. Complete the Latinex and Latinclear requirements

All transactions must be carried out through the Stock Exchanges authorized by Latinex, which can be consulted at this link: List of Stock Market Stalls

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